About Us

Nature of organisation – ITAM.ORG is online community of IT Asset Management Professionals and ITAM and allied Services Providers (ITAM Information Systems, ITAM Tools, ITAM Consultants, ITAM Auditors, ITAM as Service providers, etc.)

Free membership – ITAM.ORG membership is free to enable broad participation of ITAM Professionals. ITAM.ORG is a online membership portal for mutual benefit of all the stakeholders from ITAM fraternity.

Mission: Connecting the ITAM stakeholders on ITAM.ORG Platform for Mutual Benefits.

Connecting the ITAM stakeholders on ITAM.ORG Platform for Mutual Benefits.
Connecting the ITAM stakeholders on ITAM.ORG Platform for Mutual Benefits.


  • Primary Objective is to share information and knowledge on IT Asset Management Best Practices, ITAM Events, ITAM Conferences, ITAM Surveys, ITAM Jobs, ITAM Publications, ITAM Workshops, etc.
  • Promote International standards that will benefit ITAM Professionals and permit them to implement Industry best practices.
  • Best Practices adaption – International ITAM Standards developed and released by ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC7 WG21 are key to ITAM Professionals’ and ITAM Providers’ success and help create a framework and an environment for effective and efficient IT Asset Management.
  • Helping End user Organizations know and adapt the ITAM Standards. ITAM Standards help address various challenges faced by organizations, such as software asset identification and definition, conveying and managing Software entitlement, and also various aspects of Information security and resource utilization measurement.  

Governance – The governance of the organization will be managed by governance committee comprising of founding members Ramesh Jain and Ashwath Patil. The key tasks of governing committee

  • Engaging with various stakeholders for mutual benefits will be managed by governance committee.
  • Gathering meaningful information from various stakeholders (e.g. SMEs) and sharing it amongst members to enhance their knowledge and contribute better to their organizations.
  • The same Surveys to gather information and provide insights to various stakeholders who shall make ITAM professionals’ work more effective and efficient.
  • Membership is open and free to any legal person from ITAM fraternity across globe subject to verification of identity.