ISO/IEC 19770 Updates

Updates on latest development on ISO/IEC 19770 series of International Standards (on IT Asset Management – IT SAM and IT HAM)

WG21 is dealing with IT Asset management standards and has published and is working on the following:

ISO/IEC No Description Status
19770-1 IT asset management systems — Requirements Published 2017
19770-2 Software Identification Tags Published 2015
19770-3 ENTITLEMENT SCHEMA Published 2016
19770-5 Overview & Vocabulary Published 2015 (WIP-Under Revision)
19770-6 Hardware Identification Tags WIP
19770-7 TR Orchestration of ITAM Data Structure Elements WIP
19770-8 Guidelines for Mapping industry practices to/from the 19770 family of standards Approval/Publication  Stage
19770-10 IT Asset Management System – Exemplar Implementation Plan for ISO/IEC 19770-1 WIP
19770-11 Requirements for IT Asset Management Systems auditing WIP