ITAM Professionals

ITAM.ORG is a Global on-line membership organization of ITAM Professionals and is managed by ITAM Professionals for benefits of  ITAM Professionals.

ITAM Professional Members – Why Join?

1. Free or Special pricing for ITAM Events, Research, etc. from Major ITAM Providers and Analyst Companies.

2. Updates on Local and Global ITAM Jobs and Events

Why Free ITAM Membership? – The community is totally on-line.  Why an ITAM professional be charged exorbitant in the age of internet where the cost of managing a membership is close to zero and events are sponsored by ITAM Providers.

How to become a member?

Register online


After registration please check your email (maybe in Spam folder) and activate your account (If found in Spam please mark it as Not Spam and White list the id)

The objectives of this Global ITAM.ORGanization is to

  • Provide an online platform for ITAM (SAM and HAM) Professionals and ITAM Providers
  • Share knowledge and information on
    • ITAM Events
    • ITAM Conferences
    • ITAM Surveys
    • ITAM Jobs,
    • ITAM Publications,
    • ITAM Certification Training courses,
    • ITAM eLearning,
    • ITAM Workshops,etc.